Cast Away Club – Audubon’s “Secrets Of Bluebirds”

The Skidaway CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) hosted “The Secrets of Bluebirds” on Saturday, June 29th at the Landings Kids Lagoon for the CCA Cast Away Club. Bluebird secrets were revealed by Skidaway Audubon board members and Bluebird Trail experts Brenda Ecken, Sarah Lucas, and Bill Lee.

 The event was an engaging, interactive program on the lifecycle of bluebirds. The children  learned how the bluebird houses are monitored on the island and the lifecycle from nest, egg, nestling to fledgling. Ellis S. was amazed that each bluebird laid a unique color egg. Did you know that they lay three to six eggs? The most found on Skidaway was nine eggs in one nest! “Mister Bluebird was on our shoulder” and in the variety of nests for viewing. The children
were gifted binoculars to keep our budding young ornithologists inspired. Volunteers from the Skidaway CCA were on
hand for a fishing clinic after the Bluebird presentation for the kids, parents, and grandparents. It was an exciting, educational, fun-filled, morning for the Cast Away Club!

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