Electrofishing Landings Lagoons

UPDATE – here’s some of the action at the event – Many thanks to all our talented and dedicated volunteers!

Here’s a Flickr album of some of the action ElectroFishing 3-9-2022


Electro -Fishing is one of the tools we use to determine the health of our lagoon which we use for stocking in each spring. Using a boat that sends a a slight shock to the water we scoop fish, weigh, measure, and release.


This is usually done in early spring each year, in advance of, and to inform our decisions on how and where to stock our lagoons with juvenile fish. If you’re on our CCA distribution list, you should receive notification via email. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, or observing or participating please send an e-mail to Rich Hackett at Richard.j.hackett@gmail.com.

Each year, a group meets at The Public Works building and goes out to as many as 15 lagoons each day.


H 922-598-9185
C 330-564-8971





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