2024 Kids Fishing Derby Photos


When the siren went off promptly at 9am, 136 worms variously flew and flip-flopped through the air as island youngsters simultaneously cast their baits into the Kid’s Fishing Lagoon marking the beginning of the 2024 Kid’s Fishing Derby (KFD) on Saturday, May 25. Not 10 seconds into the event, both Charlie Bees and Erik Oliver landed nice bluegills, setting an exceptionally successful tone for one of our island’s oldest and favorite outdoor traditions.
“What a derby!” exclaimed KFD chairman, Tom Rood, “We were just 13 participants shy of our all-time record and, with 592 fish caught, we fell just short of our 2013 record of 615 fish brought in. Notably, we did establish a new record for first time anglers with 61 youngsters signing up for their inaugural derby. This bodes well for our future.”
New for this year was our BLUEGILL BONANZA, which featured 10 tagged bluegill. Any youngster catching a tagged fish during the derby would receive a $100 Bass Pro gift certificate. No tagged fish were caught but wait until next year!
Everyone was treated to an angling feat of another kind when an osprey plunged into the Kid’s Lagoon during the derby and emerged with a nice bluegill in its talons. Perhaps sensing the audience, the osprey took a victory lap around the lagoon before heading off with its lunch. “It is a true to life example,” noted Rood, “that CCA Skidaway’s efforts to improve fishing in our lagoons also benefits our native wildlife.”
Rood went on to thank the more than 30 CCA volunteers that helped out with the derby as well TLA’s Greg Freeman and his Public Works staff who got the lagoon grounds especially presentable for all our participants and attendees.
“It’s great to see all the smiles on these youngster’s faces,” Rood concluded, “especially on those who caught a fish for the first time!”

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