Partners in conservation launch ReleaSense initiative


Partners in conservation launch ReleaSense initiative

Collaborative effort to make best catch-and-release practices, research available to anglers

Shimano, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Harte Research Institute (HRI) for Gulf of Mexico Studies and Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) are proud to announce the launch of a cooperative effort called ReleaSense to promote and enhance the traditional role of anglers as leaders in saltwater fisheries conservation Continue reading “Partners in conservation launch ReleaSense initiative”

Sapelo Chapter Banquet August 26th

Coastal Conservation Association Georgia
SAPELO CHAPTER 11th Annual Banquet
Saturday, August 26, 2017 6:00 PM
Sapelo Saltwater Fishing Club
75.00 Couple
50.00 Single
25.00 18 and under
Tickets Include Dinner, CCA Membership, Beer and Wine
10.00 Bottomless Liquor Cup
For Ticket Information or Sponsorship Opportunities
Please Contact Hillari Brown 912-660-8440

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The Invisible Threat- Article from Mar-Apr TIDE Magazine

By Chester Moore, Jr. TIDE March/April 2016

As the water warms up, be aware of the little bug with a big bite. It is the most insidious threat facing coastal anglers in the United States. With a death rate of up to 30 percent, this force is not only deadly but is invisible to the naked eye. It is Vibrio , a bacteria that thrives in saltwater and annually catches numerous anglers by surprise in terrifying fashion. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Continue reading “The Invisible Threat- Article from Mar-Apr TIDE Magazine”

Good News for Georgia Coastal Habitat

State moves to ramp up funding for marine habitat
House of Representatives approves measure to direct
new license tag funding to Georgia coast

ATLANTA, GA – A measure carried by Rep. Alex Attwood (St. Simons) to strengthen the state wildlife license tag program was approved by the House last week and now needs only the companion bill carried by Sen. Ben Watson (Savannah) to pass the Senate to open the door for additional funding of coastal habitat projects. Coastal Conservation Association Georgia is the sponsor for HB 736 and has high hopes for the potential of the legislation. “We are truly grateful to Rep. Attwood and Sen. Watson for their work on behalf of recreational angling and our marine resources. HB 736 will ensure that the wildlife license tag program will be able to grow and sustain itself far into the future,” said Brooks Binder, chairman of CCA Georgia’s Government Relations Committee. “We have a great opportunity to provide our citizens, particularly those with an interest in our coastal area, with a new wildlife tag to provide voluntary funding for marine habitat conservation, restoration, and enhancement.” HB 736 will be a simple amendment to the existing program to direct $19 of every wildlife tag to a restricted fund administered by the Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, $1 paid to the local tag-issuing authority, and $5 to the General Fund. The Marine Habitat Conservation Fund administered by CRD would be used exclusively for projects to restore and enhance marine habitats through oyster reef creation, construction of manmade reefs along the shorelines of tidal rivers and creeks, and construction of manmade reefs in the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to providing habitat for aquatic species, these projects also provide nursery and foraging areas of many reptile, bird and mammal species. Oyster reefs also help stabilize shorelines protecting them from the effects of storm erosion. None of the restricted funds will be used for administrative, overhead or salary costs. “We believe that the marine habitat conservation tag is a great opportunity to enact smart public policy that does not require any new tax revenue or allocation of existing tax revenue from other programs,” said Binder. If all goes well and the coastal license tag becomes reality, CCA Georgia is ready with a recommendation for what the image on the tag should be. “The red drum is Georgia’s state saltwater fish and was given gamefish status by CCA Georgia efforts with the Georgia Legislature a few years ago,” said Binder. “Given the popularity of this species with anglers and its reliance of the marine habitats to be conserved by the funds generated by this tag, we think that this iconic fish would be a fantastic candidate for the first coastal tag.” ### BROOKS SCHOEN 404-786-1626 M

Donate Now for Joe’s Cut Habitat Project


Don’t Wait! Help CCA raise $12,000 to implement Joe’s Cut reef enhancement. Two of our four committed habitat projects (the Savannah Reef Enhancement and the Henry Vassa Cate piling reconstruction off Jekyll Island) were completed in 2015 at a cost of $34,200 to CCA GA. The next up of the final two projects is the Joe’s Cut reef enhancement scheduled to be completed in the April/May time frame and will require us to raise an additional $12,000. Joe’s Cut inshore artificial reef is located in Wassaw Sound. This reef was constructed in the 1980s but materials are mostly now covered in sediment. The intention is to deploy 50 Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) like the one shown below: Various forms of marine life will colonize these structures and should create improved fishing opportunities in this popular and easily accessed location. Thus far in 2016, we have received about $1300 in CCA member donations to go towards this project, so we need about $10,700 to get Joe’s Cut implemented by the April timeframe. So, we’re asking you, our CCA members, to again consider making a tax free contribution (CCA GA is a 501C3 organization so all donations are tax deductible) to help us obtain these needed funds. And, we have an easy way for you to make your contribution. Please click on the “Donate Now” button above or below and follow the instructions to make an on-line contribution or to obtain a Habitat Project Donation form to fill-out and mail in. Thank you for your consideration of this request. We will keep you posted on our progress of meeting our goal of making the reef enhancement at Joe’s Cut a reality.


Over 100 Attend Sapelo Oyster Roast- Great Time Had by All

The Sapelo Chapter had a membership drive on Saturday, February 20th. Here’s what the event’s coordinator (Russell Kent) had to say about the evening’s activities, ” We got slammed by a large, hungry crowd on Saturday and were quickly overwhelmed. The good news is that we were slammed by a large, hungry crowd. But the better news is that a number of people just stepped up like it had all been planned, did the work that had to be done and made this event a huge success in every way! So who are these mild mannered superheroes…they include our State Chairman and CCA Skidaway member Tom Rood, CCA Sapelo members Tim Tarver, Ed Henderson, Dustin Chavers, Susan Roach and my sweet baby Nicki Newton, CCA Bulloch member Brian Kent and two of my neighbors Ashley Chavers and her amazing 7 year old daughter Kayley. Couldn’t have had a better team.” Russell went on to say, “Now the numbers…we had about 110 people that ate 10 bushels of oysters, 500 steamed clams, 1/2 bushel of roasted peanuts, 10 pounds (dry weight) of macaroni covered with 10 pounds of cheese, 25 pounds of sweet potatoes mashed and mixed with 10 pounds of cooked apples covered with 3 pounds of pecans and 10 extra large bags of salad mix (not to mention 6 boxes of saltines). They washed this down with 6 cases of Bud Light, 4 cases of Sweetwater beer, 6 gallons of tea, 1 case of water and a whole lot of wine and liquor that people carried in. There were NO leftovers!” And most importantly, “We added 38 members at the event and 4 members who could not attend but decided to join or renew their membership as a result of the event.” Thanks to Russell and his team Sapelo boosted its membership and provided a delightful evening’s entertainment to all in attendance. WP_20160220_014WP_20160220_018WP_20160220_007 (1)