Red Drum Conservation

Red Drum Conservation 
Studies have shown that using short leader rigs with circles hooks can reduce deep hooking and improve the chances of survival for released red drum. This is especially true when fishing in slow or slack water.
To be effective, we recommend the following:
• a fixed weight or sinker clip that is not more than six inches from the circle hook;
• sinker heavier than 2 ounces;
• a barbless circle hook (a hook with the point directed straight back toward the shank, and with the barb either compressed or removed);
• when using either braided or monofilament mainline, it is advisable to add a 5 foot leader of heavier 80lb– 100lb monofilament or fluorocarbon between the mainline and terminal rig to minimize abrasion and break offs.
• depending on the tides, heavier weights may be required.

DNR is offering to send you a couple of these rigs at no charge. Send an email with your address and request Kathy, , to send you the new


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