HB208 Passes – Brings More Funding to Georgia’s Wildlife, Habitats, and Outdoor Activities

Coastal Conservation Association Georgia played an instrumental role in getting HB208 passed through this year’s legislative session. HB208 calls for a modest increase in Hunting and Fishing license fees in Georgia. This increase will lead to big dollars for Georgia’s land, water, wildlife, and hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities. HB208 was much needed in Georgia as Hunting and Fishing License Fees have not been increased since 1992. The additional money will be used in a few different areas in Georgia. One area will be improving access roads to recreational areas and improving boat ramps. Another use will be improving opportunity with more technical assistance, educational programs and habitat management. The third use will be to increase the number of game wardens in Georgia.

We are very proud of the Government Relations Committee of CCA GA as well as other Hook and Bullet Organizations that helped to get HB208 passed. The bill is currently awaiting Governor Deal’s Signature.

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