January 2016 meeting

Our Skidaway CCA meeting featured some top Skidaway Island anglers, Robert Hale and Matt Amman giving tips on fishing the fresh and saltwater lagoons as well as near shore around the island.
They talked about baits, gear and technique and was very informative. For the evening of the College Football Championship, we were thrilled to have 60+ CCA Skidaway members and visitors in attendance. We decided to try our hand at making a video of the presentation using a cell phone. It’s not too bad – check it out..

Some good tips included walking the banks to get a feel for a lagoon and looking for activity on the top of the water to sight cast if fish are present. If using artificial bait, use light colored baits in clear water, darker color baits in dark or cloudy water. You want the bait to match the natural bait of what you are fishing for is targeting. If your bait is a different color, the fish will not be as interested in it since it will not look natural compared to what they are eating during that time of year. Being aware of the tide is important as much of the fish feeding and movement is within an hour or hour and a half of the high and low tide cycles. You typically won’t get much action at a super slack tide or in mid tide. When the baitfish are going into and/or out of the marsh you will typically have a good chance of getting the bigger fish that are waiting to ambush the baitfish and shrimp. Water movement on the island when we have bigger tides (8 ft.+) tends to be excellent times to fish. A big thank you for these two guys for taking the time to share some of the lessons they have learned over decades of coastal fishing. Please click the “Join CCA” redfish on the main page if you would like to become a member of the Skidaway CCA Chapter.

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