Conservation & Habitat

CCA GA and the Conservation and Habitat Committee is dedicated to advancing the science of marine habitat restoration, fostering habitat stewardship, and educating all citizens on the value of marine resource conservation. Our habitat mission works through grassroots-driven projects and initiatives that engage local communities to restore and enhance Georgia’s marine fisheries.

The CCA GA Conservation and Habitat Committee was formed in 2011 to provide for concerned conservationists, a platform  for contributing funds, donating equipment or dedicating volunteer time to habitat restoration. CCA GA and  it’s members dedicate themselves to the betterment of our coastal estuaries and marine habitats, and for the betterment of all who utilize the coastal resources of Georgia.

Oyster Restoration Project 2012-2013

Between 1890 & 1910 Georgia harvested more oysters for human consumption than any other state. Unfortunately, between 1910 & 2010, 95% of Georgia’s oyster reefs disappeared. This is not a result of a decease or virus. This is a result of taking out the oysters and not putting anything back for the oyster spat to adhere to when the oysters release their spat for reproduction. CCA GA’s Conservation and Habitat Committee is committed to reconstructing oyster reefs “One shell at the time”.

We currently have two oyster shell collection sights, and are building more. After that oyster roast, bring your discarded shells to one of our collection sights. We will bag these shells… and they will serve as the foundation for oyster restoration areas throughout coastal Georgia.

Current Sites:

Savannah: President Street Extension Boat Ramp

Southside Savannah / Skidaway Island: Montgomery Crossroads and Thomas Avenue (at base of Truman Parkway)