2022 May 28th Kids’ Fishing Derby Volunteer

 Registration is closed for this event

Volunteers Are Needed 

The CCA Annual Kids Fishing Derby is scheduled for May 28th at the Kids Fishing Lagoon beginning at 8:30 with fishing between 9:00 and 10:30 As you know children and grandchildren ages 3-15 of Landings residents along with their guests are invited to participate.

This is always an exciting event which promotes sportsmanship, conservation, and provides a terrific community experience. We have begun our planning process and are reaching out to you early in this process to recruit volunteers for a number of positions.   

 A key part of the success of this CCA Skidaway event is the role volunteers have played in making it a memorable day for every participant. We are looking for your help to register as a volunteer early. The number of volunteers that sign up early will define the number of kids that can participate in this event, so please sign up and help us plan this event. 

Here is a summary of the responsibilities of each volunteer group:

  1. Event Set Up: As an Event Set Up volunteer you will need to arrive on hour before the event starts, placing signs for the event, prepare fishing rods for the kids, setting up bait tables and other tasks as needed. We are anticipating will need 5-6 volunteers for this role.
  2. Referees: As a Referee, you will help kids stay safe, bait hooks, land fish for youngsters when needed, untangle lines, record/count fish catches. We are anticipating that we will need 15-20+ volunteers in this role. 
  3. Fishing Buddies: As a Fishing Buddy, we would like you to circulate around the lagoon during the event to help kids “catch fish”, identify which kids need help and show them what they need to do to successfully “catch fish”. We are anticipating that we will need 6-8 volunteers in this role.
  4. Registration Table: As a Registration Volunteer, we would like you to assist in signing in the kids, help in the completion of the registration worksheet and assist in summarizing the kids catch results to determine kid’s fishing prize winners We are anticipating that we will need 6 volunteers in this role 
  5. Event Clean Up: As a After Event Volunteer, we like you to help, remove all signs, clean the area of any trash left behind, store fishing rods used in the event and to set aside any that have been damaged during the event

During this registration process you will be asked to select which area you would like to be a volunteer

We will need the volunteers to arrive at the Kid’s Lagoon before 8:30 (except for set up, please arrive 1 hour before the event) for instructions and you should be done around 11:00.

May 28th, 2022 from  8:30 AM to 11:00 AM