CCA Skidaway 2023 Annual Fundraising Drive

2023 CCA Skidaway Annual Giving Campaign

At our Kids Fishing Derby last year, a parent walked by me wearing a tee shirt that featured a large graphic of a red and white float and the words, “Don’t Bobber Me!” Pretty good, heh?

Well, we’re writing to you today to “bobber you” with our 2023 fund raising request.

Our work here at the Skidaway Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) falls into the following categories, each, we believe, well worthy of your support:

Every year, we implement a variety of fisheries management efforts, from seining and stocking to aquatic plantings that help ensure quality fishing on our island’s 151 freshwater and saltwater lagoons, from hefty bluegills to trophy sized largemouth bass and redfish. These efforts, of course, improve the overall health of our aquatic environments, and provide critical habitat for a wide range of native species including near shorebirds such as herons and egrets and birds of prey such as bald eagles, osprey and different species of hawks.

Each year, we put a special emphasis on our youth programs, from our annual Kids Fishing Derby to special events for youth from off island such as Safe Shelter “CAMP ROCK,” Bethesda Academy, Salvation Army and Scouts.

For younger kids, our “Cast Away Club” events in the spring and summer provide a great introduction to nature topics and fishing at the kids Lagoon.

We also conduct a wide range of “hands on” clinics for both new and experienced anglers. Check our web site,, for a complete listing of our fresh and saltwater clinics and our fly-fishing seminars. Also, we hope to see you at our monthly seminars (Sept – June) at 7pm with topics ranging from coastal fishing techniques, oyster reef preservation and local environmental issues) at Saint Peters Episcopal Church in the Village. Seminars are open to all.

The Skidaway Chapter of the CCA is a non-profit organization. We depend solely on your generous contributions (tax deductible of course) to support fish management programs and all education activities.You can donate you will be able to use Credit Card or PayPal for your contribution.

Or, if you prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to CCA Skidaway Chapter and mail the envelope to

Frank Wood, Fundraising Chairperson, 9 Flowing Wells Ln, Savannah, GA 31411.

If you contribute $100 or more and DO NOT want a new lagoon guide, please remember to check the back of the return envelope or the appropriate box on the contribution web page.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and generous support.

Frank Wood

Fundraising Campaign Manager

Cell: (703) 980-4042

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