Fish Shocking in the Landings’ Lagoons (March 2022)

Volunteers Are Needed!

This year we will be conducting our Electro- Fishing project on March 8th and 9th.
Electro -Fishing is one of the tools we use to determine the health of our lagoon which we use for stocking in April. Using a boat that sends a a slight shock to the water we scoop fish, weigh, measure, and release.


Anyone interested in watching or participating please send an e-mail to Rich Hackett at or call 922-598-9185 and you will be included.

We will meet at The Public Works building each day of the event at 8:30. We plan to shock 15 lagoons each day and will take most of the day. Please arrive in a golf cart if possible and bring your lagoon guide if you have one. You may watch or help scoop as time permits

Rich Hackett

H 922-598-9185
C 330-564-8971





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